True Cat Toons book is now…a BOOK!

truecattoons coverHurrah! I finally have the Print on Demand version of True Cat Toons, the book! Donna Barr helped me set it up on, and that is the first place it is going to be available.  Here is the order page on Lulu. It is also available from Amazon, but I get less per book from them.

I have just ordered a batch for Emerald City Comic Con, where it will be available all weekend at table EE-7 (Desert Peach/Cat Toons) but alas, I will only be there all day Friday and then Saturday morning. Donna Barr and Bruce Taylor will  be there in my absence to sell Cat Toons (and their own wonderful books.)

Once I get extra copies to sell (because all the contributors get a free copy, as well) I will attach information to my web site on how to order them from me. The Lulu ones will not have a nice sketch from me, but Donna Barr has suggested I can send out stickers with an autograph and a personalized sketch, as well. She’s been doing this for a long time!

My long range plan is to publish a bookstore friendly edition in bulk, with a  retail price of $10 rather than the hefty Print on Demand price of $12.95. That will take a bit of money up front, though. It costs a lot more per book to publish Print on Demand, BUT after several years, I am so delighted to just have the BOOK available, because so many people have been eager to read this! AND there will be a More True Cat Toons book coming, for those whose stories did not make it into this first edition.


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