2016 Clallam Bay Comic Con

July 9 and 10 will find me at the Clallam Bay Comic Con in Clallam Bay Washington, what is probably the smallest comic book convention in the world….. but loads of fun, and the trip out there can be as much fun as the convention itself!


And since the convention coincides with Clallam Bay Fun Days, you get a parade and fireworks included in the deal. Granted, it is a pretty small parade, but you get flags galore since it is the weekend after the 4th of July– and located out in the boonies.


PLUS, you get to see the Clallam Bay Democrats. Both of them!


How awesome is the trip to get out to the con? First of all, you get to ride a ferry, unless you decide to drive the LONG way around through Tacoma or else the REALLY long way, through Forks. Nah, skip Forks (it’s way overrated) and take the ferry. You might see orca whales. They have been out and about lately.



And part of the drive passes through Olympic National Park, meaning  you can stop at the so-beautiful-it’s-ridiculous Lake Crescent and take a break at the historic lodge for free– though you can also buy something to eat or drink.



And if you budgeted enough time on your drive to Clallam Bay, you can fit in either a side trip to Victorian-Town-in-a-ridiculously-gorgeous-waterfront setting Port Townsend, or else drive up to Hurricane Ridge and see miles and miles of mountains and maybe other wildlife, as well.


Disclaimer: This being the Upper Left Hand Corner of the Continental U.S., unfortunately, you will probably not see the stunningly blue skies in some of these photos of mine this weekend.


One response to “2016 Clallam Bay Comic Con

  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Have fun!

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