Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to Roberta Gregory’s blog site! This is the easiest place to find out what I am doing and where to find it. You can also keep up with my friends and colleagues and all the others who have helped to make my life the creative (and often challenging) journey it has been.

I have had a long career in comics, dating back to the 1970s and am still busy! I was one of the first women in the underground comics, my stories appeared in the early anthologies, I published my own comic in 1976 and the rest is history.

Currently, I am working on Cat comics, Travel comics, my Mother Mountain novel, and lots of other projects. AND, I am breathing some new life into Bitchy Bitch, my hilariously cranky Everywoman who starred in 40 issues of her own comic book, collections in several languages, not to mention an animated cartoon on cable TV in the early 2000s. Most of Bitchy’s comics and books are still available, too, so if you are not familiar with her, this is a good time to start, before they all sell out.

My books and comics are all available at “Buy my Books” at the top of the column to the right.

You can keep up with my latest by checking NEWS.

You can also follow me on Twitter (@RobertaGregory) and friend me on Facebook!


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